Female Mental Health Issues

Female Mental Health Issues

Many women are good at keeping secrets and hiding their emotions aren’t they? Well, I know that they can get through a whole box of tissues in one weepy movie, but generally it’s difficult to know what they’re thinking. Keeping secrets is a great thing when it involves someone else, but the problem is that they’re also good at keeping secrets about themselves . . . and that’s not such a good thing. A worry shared is a worry halved and all that sort of thing, but many women are so busy “taking care of things” that they put their own feelings and problems to the back of their minds . . . until it’s too late.

Alarming Female Mental Health Statistics

  • Up to 60% of women have suffered with mental health problems
  • Millions of women worldwide are taking antidepressants in an effort to cope with life
  • More than 40% of women take time from their work because of mental health problems
  • Almost 30% of women admit to drinking for the purpose of getting drunk
  • Around 20% of women have allowed their problems to get them into financial difficulties
  • More than 10% of women do, or have, self-harmed

Pretty alarming I’m sure that you’ll agree. These figures are even more surprising because the majority of these women simply try to carry on being the lynch-pin of their families until the situation is getting out of control, often affecting the most vulnerable members of the family . . . the children.  Very often the solution to these problems is pretty simple really, as long as the symptoms are recognized early enough. Symptoms like:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • eating disorders
  • alcohol or drug abuse
  • anger
  • problems sleeping
  • grief

Female Mental Health Therapy

Mental Health Therapy is a scary prospect for many people, but there are many kinds of therapy which really can help millions of women to live a healthier, happier life and in turn, improve the lives of their families and loved ones. Therapy does not mean that you’re crazy you know, it means that you need a little help to help yourself, that’s all.

  • Art Therapy – art therapists can help and encourage you to express yourself by painting, sketching, throwing pots (think that lovely gooey scene in “Ghost”, not smashing dinner plates). By simply being able to express your inner feelings in this way can really help you to cope with day to day life . . . let it all out!
  • Behavior Therapy – can be helpful in very many ways. If you can learn to understand your own behavior, what you do and why you do it, it can really help you to change a few important little points which can make a world of difference.
  • Biofeedback – might sound like some sort of plant food, but it’s actually a very good way at dealing with anxiety, tension and headaches. You learn how to control brain wave patterns or muscle tension, you see, therapy is about learning how you can help yourself.
  • Cognitive Therapy – concentrates more on how you think instead of how you feel. It helps you to recognize and avoid negative thoughts and so improve your confidence and self esteem.
  • Massage Therapy – is a great way to rid yourself of the stresses of life, a spot of pampering can go a long way . . . remember that.
  • Relaxation Therapy – you really can learn how to deal with your own stress and anxiety by learning yoga or meditation, for example.

Of course, this is just a small cross section of the therapies available, there are loads more.  Medicines can also help to improve your health and mental well-being, and your doctor or psychiatrist will be able to tell you which would be the most helpful to you. It’s important to remember though that very often these medications can help with the symptoms of mental health, but in order to really get your life back on track you need to deal with the root cause of the problems.

The bottom line is that, I would estimate that 99.9% of women simply don’t take enough time out for themselves.  Go on, you don’t have to feel guilty for taking out half an hour per day to read a book, go swimming twice a week or take up ballroom dancing. Some women find that something as simple as a weekly “self pamper” is enough to keep them on the right track – the ingredients are very simple, all you need is a locked bathroom door, a bubble bath, a few scented candles, a good book and a glass of wine . . . it only takes a couple of hours and can work miracles for you!

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